Wine refrigeration

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Great unit for island cabinetry placement, or wet bars, very attractive design.



Chilled to Perfection – The quality of your wine depends on the control of light exposure, air humidity and storage temperature. The Renaissance Wine Cellar maintains cellar temperatures, thereby creating an environment where your wine can fully develop. The shelf components are purposely constructed with beechwood. This design takes advantage of the wood’s natural vibration absorption properties and inhibits label abrasion typically associated with metal wire racks. The EasyGlide™ shelves effortlessly slide forward – there’s no need to reach inside to access your bottles. Available in both single zone and dual zone models to match the temperature needs of your wine varieties, the Renaissance Wine Cellar holds up to 46 bottles (750 ml). Your bottles are easily visible through the large glass viewing door, and you can choose left or right door hinge configurations to accommodate your space. Get more details on the Renaissance Wine Cellar to find out why every wine lover should have one, including you.

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